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My Services

In Sanskrit, the word "yoga,” means union. The practice of yoga has the potential to bring union to body, mind, and spirit and to teach through the body what we must learn with the heart. I currently teach public classes through Peacebank, as well as online corporate classes. I also offer one-on-one sessions that are customized to the needs of each client (currently online only).


Spiritual direction is the practice of walking with another as they observe and experience their own journey. During this process you explore and deepen your connection to yourself and to the Divine.


During each session, we will observe, name, and respond to the activity of God in your life through conversation, silence, stillness, and prayer. Sessions last 60 minutes and are currently available online. You are free to pause or end sessions at any time for any reason.


Clarity sessions can help you better understand yourself and your stories through reflective conversation and focused practices. They are a shared experience during which we work together to sort through your questions, identify your longings, and honestly hold all parts of yourself.


During each session, you will be invited to engage in honest conversation. No performing. No pretending. No right or wrong answers. Sessions last 45-60 minutes and are currently available online. You’re free to pause or end sessions at any time for any reason.


Mindful meditation has been proven to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. It brings us back to the pace of life and helps us to get grounded when we're feeling untethered. Through meditation, we let go of old ways of thinking and make space for fresh ideas.

I offer guided meditations for groups and individuals, from one-off sessions for corporate retreats to weekly resets ranging from 10-30 minutes. Each meditation is carefully crafted to meet you in the moment.


No one else has had your experiences, thought your thoughts, been in your relationships, or felt your emotions. You are the expert on you. Yet we often find ourselves trapped in stories that aren't as complex as the lives we've lived; stories which are colored by limited perspectives or the opinions of others.


Constellation is a space to receive, reframe, and reimagine the stories that keep us feeling stuck. It's a practice in expanding awareness and bestowing compassion to ourselves, to one another, and to the stories we share. 


During this workshop you'll identify, share, reflect, and reframe a key story in your life. You'll practice sharing this journey with others, and you may just discover that life is a little more nuanced and a little more magical than you'd imagined.


The Enneagram is a sacred map that helps to identify the unconscious and subconscious motivations that drive your behavior and impact your felt experience. Circling around nine fundamental archetypes of human nature, your Enneagram type reveals your paths of transformation and disintegration.


While the Enneagram reveals your personality, it is not a personality test. Rather it is a tool that can be used to expand your perception, increase your self-understanding, reveal your True Self, and help you on the path to healing and wholeness.

"One of the main reasons that we resist changing is that the movement back to our Essence always entails feeling the pain of our self-abandonment. When we are willing to say, “I want to be who I really am, and I want to live in the truth,” the process of recovering ourselves has already begun."
― The Wisdom of the Enneagram

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