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Freedom is found when we let go of who we’re supposed to be and embrace who we really are.

Find freedom through reflective integration of the mind, heart, and body



Hi there! I'm Amanda—a writer, teacher, and connection-seeker.

I co-journey with clients as they find new language for their circumstances, discover their deep stories, engage their experiences, and connect to their True Selves: mind, body, and heart.

My offerings include clarity coaching, spiritual direction, and guided meditation. I also create and facilitate well-being workshops.


Words have the power to enslave us or set us free. Make space for fresh ideas and learn to tune in and connect to yourself through active writing and guided meditation.


Yoga Instruction

In Sanskrit, "yoga,” means union. The practice of yoga has the potential to bring union to body, mind and spirit. I teach public classes and offer one-on-one sessions.

Spiritual direction is the practice of companioning another in their journey of discovering and deepening their connection with the Divine, thereby also coming to deeper know themselves. It is a sacred and special connection.

Articles and Blog Posts
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