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See the latest on upcoming (and recently passed) yoga classes, guided meditations, narrative therapy workshops, and more.

Yoga Classes

Peacebank Yoga Studio

I offer special series, guided meditations, and standalone yoga classes through Peacebank Yoga in Redwood City. See the full schedule at

Meaningful Mantras

Peacebank Yoga Studio

January 16, 2022
2-4pm PST

A mantra a syllable, word, or group of words repeated to aid in focus, encouragement, or the generation of energy.

What is a personal mantra? How do you choose one that's right for you?

We'll explore these questions and more as we combine learning, self-exploration, meditation, and restorative practice. Discover what resonance feels like in your body, learn to identify your internal "yes," and connect more deeply with your heart as you create a personal mantra for the coming year. 

Sign up here, through Peacebank


Autumn Equinox Yoga

Peacebank Yoga Studio

September 21st, 2021, 6-7pm

Reap what you have sewn under September's Harvest Moon. In this sacred space between the full moon and the autumn equinox we ponder the "equal night" of light and dark, movement and rest, sowing and reaping. Even after a year where conditions have felt sparse, we honor the resilience, growth, and love that survive. Tend to yourself in this restorative practice of movement, rest, and meditation.

Lake at Dusk

Elemental Meditation & Yoga

Peacebank Yoga Studio

January 14th, 21st, & 28th
6-7pm PST

Engage the elements with mind, body, and heart in this special series of evening classes. Week 1 we'll explore the fluidity and creativity of water WATER with Yin Yoga and guided meditation. Week 2 we'll tap into our inner FIRE through heat-building and a candle-gazing meditation. Week 3 we'll identify with AIR through pranayama (breathwork), heart-openers, and stretching for expansion.

Sign up at

The Four Agreements Yoga & Meditation

Peacebank Yoga Studio

Time and date TBD, Spring 2022

Sink into the Toltec wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz as we explore our inner landscape and personal narratives through the lens of his beloved work, The Four Agreements.

A Narrative Workshop

Time & location TBD, Spring 2022

Constellation is a space to receive, reframe, and reimagine the stories that keep us feeling stuck. It's a practice in expanding awareness and bestowing compassion to ourselves, to one another, and to the stories we share. During this two-hour workshop you'll identify, share, reflect, and reframe one of the key stories in your life. You'll also practice sharing this journey with others. And you may just discover that life, your life in particular, is a little more nuanced and a little more magical than you'd imagined.

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